I know, my english is very bad, but, I believe in the phrase, “no practice, no learning”. so, if you feel something is wrong with my post, please do not hesitate to comment.

Consider, i have the source code as shown below

I want to change the word AND that is in line 1155 and 1172 became the OR, then I do the following steps:

1) Move the cursor to the line 1155, put in the word AND and press CTRL+D, as shown below.

2) If I press CTRL+D again, then that will be selected is the word AND next in line 1158, as shown below.

3) Because I want to select the word AND in line 1172, then I move the cursor to line 1172, put in the word AND, the press CTRL+D again, as shown below.

4) Then type the word OR, so the word AND that is on the line in 1155 and 1172 will be changed to the word OR, as shown below.